Book Trailer by Another Name

Are you already a published writer, or accomplished author? Or are you new to writing? In either case, this information is for you.

First, let me explain why I’m using the term book video for this website/blog. It’s a generic term that I will be using interchangeably with book promo to refer to what would popularly be called a book trailer. Unfortunately, the latter termĀ  was trademarked several years ago, so I have chosen to use the other terms in order to avoid legal complications.

Now the activities follow the same procedures as for a book trailer. The results are projected to be as effective. And just as a movie trailer generates interest and sales for a movie, so will a book video or book promo do the same for, hopefully, YOUR book.

BookVideoBuzz will serve as a base camp for news, innovations, and examples of videos, and also as a place to have your finished video highlighted. So hop on board. If you missed the summer workshop, receive updates in the Facebook group, Making Magnetic Video, so you can Build Book & Business Visibility. Join Now. We will keep you posted.